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About Us

Velocimetrics enables firms to increase profitability, manage emerging operational risks and address expanding regulatory demands by tracking and analysing exactly what’s happening to every trade or payment in real-time

Instead of monitoring infrastructure health or IT processes, Velocimetrics focuses on what matters most to your firm’s clients – the actual payments and trades being processed. The result: real-time, business flow performance tracking and analysis solutions that deliver as much value to business and client-facing groups, as they do to technology teams. 

Velocimetrics’ innovative technology will continuously track and assess the real-time status of every single market data tick, order, trade or payment traversing your environment. Delivering uncompromised operational oversight, users are immediately alerted to any changes to the way in which these items are flowing that could indicate emerging performance, financial or operational risk, client experience or regulatory concerns.

The instant a potential issue is detected, all teams involved in the incident’s management can access the real-time, relevant and actionable insight they require to make quick and effective decisions.  Often enabling steps to be taken to avoid the issue entirely, and when this isn’t possible bring the incident to its resolution in a swift and controlled manner, whilst simultaneously quantifying the business and client impact.


Innovative business flow insight exceeding expectations

Setting the benchmark for uncompromised end-to-end visibility across complex environments, accompanied by immediate access to powerful, actionable insights, Velocimetrics’ innovative technology presents the future potential for business flow tracking and performance analysis solutions.  As one client exclaimed, on realising the opportunities Velocimetrics presents, ‘There’s nothing else like this!’.

Velocimetrics’ technology is incredibly flexible and has been applied to address a multitude of different business needs.  Some clients, for instance, use the technology to assess the quality of the market data they are receiving and others to identify risks in their HFT and algorithmic trading processes.  Then at the other end of the spectrum it’s used in settlements and payments processing.

This extensively proven technology is now being used to increasingly support an expanding client base that currently extends across 6 continents and includes global and regional investment banks, banks operating payment platforms, prime-brokers, asset managers, trading venues, a spread betting company and technology providers.

This map highlights the different locations across the globe where Velocimetrics’ technology has been deployed.



End-to-End business flow tracking built by industry experts

Velocimetrics was formed in 2009 and its products and solutions have been designed by industry specialists with decades of technical expertise, gained in the front, middle and back-offices of the world’s leading investment banks.  These products and solutions are then implemented by a dedicated professional services team to ensure optimal deployment results.

Velocimetric’s technology is continuously enhanced to help firms effectively address not only their current demands, but as business needs evolve and volumes increase, to also support future requirements.  To learn about Velocimetrics’ most recent developments take a look at our news releases.

Detailed analysis and actionable insight designed for your environment

Built on the principle of maximum flexibility, Velocimetrics’ technology is asset class agnostic, highly customisable, agile, scalable and effective in distributed environments, in addition to being open to numerous integration and extension possibilities – presenting a solution readily able to quickly adapt to changing business requirements, an essential ingredient in an industry that never stays still.


Meet the senior team

Steve Colwill, CEO

Steve Colwill, CEO

Steve Colwill has over 25 years of financial services experience.  He is a software architect and senior manager, and spent 15 years of his career building high volume, real-time FX, fixed income and equity pricing, risk and trading systems for a number of tier 1 investment banks.

For over 4 years he held the position of CTO at Iris Financial, during this time he gained experience of managing R&D and service teams of 60+ people, while driving the complete redevelopment of the product from the bottom up.  Prior to which he held positions at Dresdner Kleinwort Benson (now Commerzbank), Investment intelligent Systems Corp and Siemens.

He has gained extensive software architecture consultancy experience and has a track record in building companies to revenues in excess of $20 million.

Paul Spencer, COO

Paul Spencer, COO

Paul Spencer has more than 30 years of experience within the IT industry.

Prior to joining Velocimetrics, Paul was the Founder and Managing Director of Axial Systems, where he played a fundamental role in growing the company to become one of the UK’s leading independent suppliers of network performance management systems and was focused on building strong supplier relationships with its clients including global finance companies based in London and New York.

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