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Why effective payment incident management now demands real-time, actionable insight

Every year banks spend millions managing incidents that occur in their payment platforms.  A large proportion of these costs are spent resourcing the process of finding, resolving and remediating the incident’s fall out.  All of which can prove incredibly time consuming because when an issue occurs, managers often don’t have access to the data, business details and tracking information necessary to make fully informed decisions in a timely manner.

Download this white paper to discover why your firm’s approach to monitoring the payments process may be restricting timely access to this vital information, and how the latest advances in technology are now enabling banks to overcome these challenges. Learn about the opportunities presented by real-time payment tracking and analysis, and how this is now being used to provide incident managers with immediate access to the powerful, actionable insights required to:

  • More efficiently and effectively control operational risks
  • Radically reduce the costs associated with curtailing the issue and accurately quantify its business and client impact
  • Significantly improve client experience levels

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Beyond Monitoring: Where is your solution on the business value spectrum?

Published: March 2016

Whilst monitoring has traditionally been used to detect and investigate infrastructure issues, recent developments are now enabling firms to achieve significant business-wide benefit from their monitoring tools. Contemporary approaches no longer restrict firms to just reacting to issues. By employing predictive analytics, firms can now accurately forecast upcoming problems, get one step ahead and often completely prevent the issue ever developing. Furthermore, the latest solutions offer considerable benefit to every technical, business and client-facing team involved in an incident’s management, providing each with the relevant, actionable insight they require to effectively manage and control emerging issues.

This new white paper from Velocimetrics, explains how advancements in monitoring are now helping financial services firms to generate greater business and client value from their IT infrastructures.  Exploring how it is possible for firms to move from environments where huge swathes of time are swallowed firefighting problems, to the situation where incidents can be accurately predicted, proactively managed and effectively controlled.

The visionary companies taking advantage of these new technologies are now operating highly automated monitoring solutions, enabling them to deliver improved client service levels, be more competitive, flexible and considerably more cost efficient.

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Velocimetrics Technology white paper

This white paper provides a technology and architectural overview of the Velocimetrics solution.

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