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Track, continuously analyse and forensically investigate

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Faster trading, new strategies, evolving sources of operational risk and emerging regulations necessitate the need for a real-time client experience guiunderstanding of what is happening across complex business processes, as it is happening.

Enabling financial services firms to effectively address a whole host of challenges, Velocimetrics’ product suite sets a new benchmark for operational oversight.  In doing so, offering tools that deliver complete visibility across end-to-end business processes, along with instant access to the relevant, actionable insights necessary for technical, business and client-focused teams to make effective decisions.  Ultimately enabling all parties involved in an incident’s management to efficiently investigate, resolve and remediate the issue.

With this full-spectrum product range users benefit from a whole host of functionality, including high performance data capture, extensive real-time data correlation and alerting capabilities, sophisticated network, market data, middleware and business level analytics, and detailed forensic analysis tools.

Read on to learn more about the different ways our family of solutions could help address your firm’s requirements:

VMX EndToEnd

VMX EndToEnd amalgamates the entire spectrum of advanced functionality required to independently track and continuously analyse, in real-time, exactly what’s happening across complete business processes in a single, fully integrated solution. Effectively assessing the real-time performance of every single order, trade or payment traversing business critical processes, VMX EndToEnd enables users to instantly detect emerging performance, operational risk, client experience or regulatory concerns.

Providing immediate access to detailed business and technical level analysis, VMX EndToEnd pinpoints an issue’s exact location, enables users to drill down to the root cause and provides the powerful, actionable insights necessary at both a business and technical level for effective decision-making.  With this detailed intelligence, engineers can immediately commence with the issue’s repair, the business can rapidly quantify exactly which orders, trades and payments have been impacted and how, and client-servicing teams can quickly identify the clients they belong to.

With this approach developing situations can be more effectively controlled and through the employment of predictive analytics many issues avoided in their entirety.

Delivering uncompromised operational oversight across even the most complex, fast and high volume trading, payment and settlement processes, with VMX EndToEnd business-flow transaction tracking delivers real value at a technical, business and client level.

To learn more about VMX EndToEnd please click here



A unique, real-time, enterprise-scale, cloud-based network packet capture and analytics platform for capturing data from one or multiple remote sites. Without the need for dedicated capture appliances at each location, it has a zero on-premise footprint.

stream2Cloud is an effective, one-stop solution for on-premise, private, public or hybrid cloud, capturing streaming network traffic, providing a single capture and analytics solution. It reduces the cost of providing real-time monitoring and data capture from multiple locations by 50% – 90% compared to the cost of installing dedicated probes. Using novel, software-only acquisition and streaming technology, stream2cloud removes the need for expensive, dedicated capture appliances at each location.

stream2Cloud can completely replace physical implementation of data capture appliances. It’s easy to deploy and can be up-and-running in just 1-2 weeks, rather than the industry average of 6+ months to purchase, install and configure on-premise appliances.

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TipOff enables capital market participants to effectively measure and manage performance in extremely fast moving and high volume environments, pinpointing opportunities for improvement.

Capturing, decoding and normalising 100% of data received, TipOff provides real-time and retrospective analysis with access to detailed network, middleware and market data insight.

TipOff’s precise instrumentation enables performance issues to be forensically analysed, right down to the individual network packet and nanosecond level, so an issue’s root cause can be quickly identified and eliminated, facilitating improved performance, faster trade execution and accelerated matching speeds.  Captured data can also be fed directly into client specific analysis tools providing vital risk and regulatory insight and, within pre-production environments, TipOff enables the market data received on any given day to be retransmitted, facilitating accurate and robust testing for new algorithms and system enhancements.

Available on an open platform, with standard APIs, TipOff can be rapidly deployed as both an Appliance and software only solution on physical and virtual machines.

For detailed information about TipOff please click here


Market Data Quality

Velocimetrics’ Market Data Quality offering delivers real-time, detailed in-stream insight so users can accurately assess the correctness and timeliness of the live data inputs being employed into trading decisions.

Examining every single tick against an extensive range of metrics, with Velocimetrics’ Market Data Quality assessment users are instantly alerted if, for instance, the time between ticks or price volatility exceeds normal expectations, or if the bid or offer price stops ticking.  Delivering immediate access to powerful, actionable insights, users can then quickly and effectively determine how to stem the flow of stale data to algorithmic trading systems. In doing so, avoiding off-market pricing or flawed trading decisions, and enabling trading firms to save millions of dollars every year.

With the ability to assess the data inputs employed into equities, fixed income, FX and derivatives trading, this innovative approach empowers firms to put in place real market data quality controls that can make a significant difference to trading performance.

For a detailed overview of our Market Data Quality offering please click here


FX Gateway Health Assessor

Velocimetrics’ FX Gateway Health Assessor accurately examines the live performance of price information sent between FX brokers and trading partners via FIX and other protocols.  In doing so, instantly alerting brokers to issues impacting market data quality or client communications that could negatively impact trading profitability.

Providing FX brokers with detailed insight, it will not only detect whether a FIX gateway is alive and has a heartbeat, but also whether the FIX engine is sending and receiving trading messages to all liquidity providers and liquidity clients at the levels the user anticipates.  In doing so, providing sophisticated analysis of the quality of individual pricing streams, right down to the symbol and bid/ask field level.

Analysing the data being sent and received to assess its completeness and timeliness, Velocimetrics’ FX Gateway Health Assessor will instantly alert users to unanticipated behaviour or the breaching of thresholds that could lead to trade profitability, operational risk or client experience concerns.  It will then provide users with the detailed, actionable insights necessary for both business and technical incident managers to effectively investigate and control the issue.

This high performance solution is able to support extremely high volumes of pricing data and trade communications.

For a detailed overview of Velocimetrics’ FX Gateway Health Assessor please click here


Application Tap

Application Tap offers a patented, high precision approach to in-application instrumentation, with minimal performance overhead.

Application Tap can be applied on a single application or used to gain a unified view across distributed environments.  Developers can very easily integrate this powerful solution, enabling users within testing and production environments to benefit from a fine grained view of the particular components introducing performance issues.

For more information about Application Tap please click here