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Real-time, enterprise-scale, cloud-based network packet capture

No need for dedicated capture appliances

Zero on-premise footprint

A unique, real-time, enterprise-scale, cloud-based network packet capture and analytics platform for capturing data from one or multiple remote sites. Without the need for dedicated capture appliances at each location, it has a zero on-premise footprint.

stream2Cloud is an effective, one-stop solution for on-premise, private, public or hybrid cloud, capturing streaming network traffic, providing a single capture and analytics solution. It reduces the cost of providing real-time monitoring and data capture from multiple locations by 50% – 90% compared to the cost of installing dedicated probes. Using novel, software-only acquisition and streaming technology, stream2cloud removes the need for expensive, dedicated capture appliances at each location.

stream2Cloud can completely replace physical implementation of data capture appliances. It’s easy to deploy and can be up-and-running in just 1-2 weeks, rather than the industry average of 6+ months to purchase, install and configure on-premise appliances.

Thanks to the zero footprint of collection and remote storage of data, stream2Cloud enables the previously costly and often impossible task of collecting, aggregating and analysing data from disparate locations to obtain a holistic view of the whole enterprise.

Captures and Streams Enterprise-scale Network Data in Real-Time

stream2Cloud can be connected to multiple data centers across the enterprise, without the use of physical appliances, to capture all network packet data and stream it to a central dashboard, in real-time.


One-Stop Solution for On-Premise and Cloud

stream2Cloud also captures intra-cloud network traffic, providing a single capture and analytics solution for on-premise and/or with public, private and hybrid cloud.


Using Proven Technology

Based on Velocimetrics’ proven packet capture and analytics technology, stream2Cloud is a scalable and highly cost-effective replacement for expensive on-premise packet capture solutions.


Zero Footprint

stream2Cloud provides an innovative, distributed streaming architecture that enables packets to be streamed from premise for cloud-based storage and analytics. It uses industry-standard packet tunnelling protocols to connect directly to on-premise network infrastructure, without the need to physically install, cable and manage on-premise appliances.


One-Stop Real-Time Network Analytics Across the Entire Enterprise

Network performance telemetry is computed in real-time and published to commonly-used free tools, including InfluxDB, Telegraf and Elasticsearch. Clients can perform further analysis or combine stream2Cloud’s telemetry with enterprise dashboards. Data can be captured from multiple sources, providing an aggregated view across the entire enterprise, at a cost that would be prohibitive using on-premise capture devices. Packet captures can be inspected directly in the cloud without the need for time-consuming downloads.


Part of the Velocimetrics Product Family

As it’s part of the Velocimetrics family, stream2Cloud is compatible with all Velocimetrics products, providing access to finance-specific analytics add-ons, including market data quality and trading latency.


Open Telemetry

stream2Cloud produces a telemetry stream which can be captured as time series in InfluxDB and visualised, using Grafana or other compatible tools. It can also be further published to a range of industry standard tools using Telegraf.


Direct Packet Inspection

Packet captures can be inspected directly via the web using CloudShark, or download captures using a RESTful query API.


A Single Dashboard

stream2Cloud telemetry stream aligns with the industry trend of streaming analytics from multiple sources into a client database from which multi-user dashboards can be created with visualisation tools such as Grafana, rather than using multiple dashboards for different tools.

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Extensive Analytics

  • Firms with many distributed sites are now able to run extensive analytics, which they were previously unable to do, because of the complexity of the task and the cost of on-premise appliances.
  • Multiple, on-premise appliances provide islands of analysis, while stream2Cloud gives an aggregated, complete view across the entire enterprise.

Cost Savings

  • Up to 10x cheaper than capture appliances, depending on scale and location of cloud
  • Removes on-premise IT costs
  • Pay-as-you-go pricing model

Cloud Based Network analysis

  • Store everything in the Cloud
  • Drill down to the individual packet and nanoseond level for detailed forensic analysis
  • Microburst analysis and alerting
  • Bandwidth analysis
  • TCP troubleshooting

Speed of Deployment

  • Install stream2Cloud on your target environment within hours