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VMX EndToEnd

Real-time, uncompromised operational oversight and detailed analysis delivering powerful actionable insights – all in a single, integrated solution

Effectively control operational risk, performance, client experience and regulatory compliance by tracking and assessing all market data ticks, trades and payments to produce real-time predictive analytics and actionable insights

VMX EndToEnd amalgamates the entire spectrum of advanced functionality required to independently track and continuously analyse, in real-time, exactly what’s happening across complete business processes in a single, fully integrated solution.

Accurately assessing the real-time status of each and every market data tick, trade or payment, VMX EndToEnd delivers complete operational oversight, instantly detecting emerging performance, client experience, operational risk and regulatory concerns. Providing immediate access to predictive analytics and powerful, actionable insights, with VMX EndToEnd users can make quick and effective decisions. Avoiding many incidents developing to start with and enabling those that do emerge, to be swiftly and efficiently brought under control.

VMX EndToEnd eliminates the need to deploy multiple vendor solutions to achieve the breadth and depth of coverage required to effectively monitor and analyse fast, complex and dynamic trading and payment processing environments. VMX EndToEnd offers a ‘one-stop’ solution of fully integrated and extensively proven technology that can be deployed on a modular and extensible basis. Even enabling functionality to be mixed and matched across various different locations. The result: Your firm’s precise business flow tracking and performance analysis requirements can be accurately met in a very cost-effective manner.

With this innovative approach, for the first time, buy and sell-side firms, trading venues and technology providers will be able to deploy a single solution that will:

Independently track payments and trades across complete business processes

With VMX EndToEnd the entire journey taken by every single payment or trade can be tracked and analysed in real-time from cube2_5x5_graphthe very moment the item enters a business process through to its conclusion. In doing so, effectively detecting, the often very complex, cause and effect relationships that exist between different data elements that can influence performance or decision-making at any point, and tying these together to form the complete chain of events. Identifying, for instance, the exact market data tick that triggered an algo engine to execute a trading decision and tracing the order from the moment the tick was received through to receipt of the trade acknowledgment.



Provide business and technical teams with valuable, actionable insight

With VMX EndToEnd all teams involved in an incident’s cube2_5x5_usermanagement, from infrastructure and application groups right through to client facing staff, are able to access the relevant information they need to effectively control an issue’s impact at a technical, business and client level. Providing, for instance, not only the actionable insight necessary to pinpoint the issue’s root cause, but also full details of exactly which payments or trades have been impacted, how and the clients they belong to.

In doing so, VMX EndToEnd offers significant value to all business and technical teams involved in bringing an issue to its resolution and the situation back to business-as-usual.


Deliver the full technical stack

Available for deployment on a holistic or modular basis, VMX cube2_5x5_cogEndToEnd presents a full stack technical solution for effective business flow tracking and performance analysis. VMX EndToEnd fully integrates the advanced functionality required to capture, correlate and associate all related trading or payment data with detailed network, market data, middleware and business level analysis, and forensic investigation tools. Predictive analytics and actionable insight is then delivered via a user friendly GUI offering highly configurable, detailed charts and reports.




All of which is achievable regardless of:

The business use case

VMX EndToEnd is business use agnostic, offering value to cube2_5x5_tradeenvironments as varied as market data monitoring, HFT and algorithmic trading right through to settlements and payments processing.









Volume or complexity

VMX EndToEnd can effectively support an environment regardless of how complex it proves to be or the volume of traffic moving cube2_5x5_perfthrough it.  For instance, VMX EndToEnd can support relatively simple market data processing activities where up to 13million market data packets per second can be automatically detected, decoded and analysed for gaps, right through to highly complex payment processing environments where a payment might traverse 20-30 different systems and needs to be monitored and assessed at over 150 locations before it completes.




The transaction’s duration

Whether the transaction being tracked is a trade that cube2_5x5_timecompletes in microseconds or a payment with multiple dependencies settling over several weeks or months, VMX EndToEnd is able to accurately track and analyse the business item, along with all contributing factors, in real-time.









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