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Solutions designed to effectively support your business’s requirements

Velocimetrics’ technology supports multiple asset classes, different stages of the trade lifecycle and various industry sectors – offering solutions that can effectively cope with extremely complex, fast and high volume environments

iconTrading firms

Effectively forecast and manage emerging performance issues, sources of operational risk, factors that could limit trading profitability and regulatory concerns, with a real-time understanding of exactly what is happening across complete trading processes, as it happens

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iconTrading venues

Increase reliability, meet new regulatory commitments, including those presented by MiFID II, and continuously measure the real-time performance being actively experienced by each and every participant

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Independently track in real-time all payments from their point-of-entry to final posting, receive advanced notification of payments at risk of delay, and when an issue occurs immediately identify all impacted payments and the clients they belong to

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iconPost-trade processing

Increase operational efficiencies and cut costs by dramatically reducing the time and manual effort required to effectively investigate, resolve and remediate issues in the post-trade environment

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iconManaged service providers

Minimise and more effectively control latency, assess the quality of market data being passed onto clients and measure the performance of each client compared to SLA commitments in real-time

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iconFinancial data providers

Proactively monitor and control the performance of low latency infrastructures, to increase reliability and continuously assess the completeness, timeliness and correctness of the market data streams being passed onto clients

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Don’t see your firm type represented?

Don’t worry, the above industry sectors provide just a flavour of the different areas where Velocimetrics’ technology has been adopted.  Offering effective, real-time trade flow tracking and performance analysis this highly flexible and extensible technology is being actively deployed to meet many different business requirements. If you would like to find out if we could help your firm, contact us today.