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Velocimetrics Announces Technology Partnership with Solace Systems

Shawn McAllister, CTO, Solace Systems

Shawn McAllister, CTO, Solace Systems

29th January 2015 – Velocimetrics, the provider of real-time business performance monitoring and analysis solutions to the global financial community, today announces its technology partnership with Solace Systems, the leading provider of hardware-based messaging middleware. This partnership demonstrates Velocimetrics’ ongoing commitment to ensuring that TipOff® continues to excel in enabling users to independently monitor and analyse their middleware messaging activities, which form the very fabric on which the industry’s trading systems are built.

TipOff joined the Velocimetrics product suite in mid-2014, and this agreement extends the previous relationship managed by the solution’s prior custodians. The partnership was originally developed in response to requests from financial service clients keen to deploy a joint solution.

TipOff enables market participants to rapidly reveal performance issues impacting real-time financial systems and networks by providing access and insight into detailed middleware, network and market data statistics. By complementing traditional monitoring techniques with a rich, contextual understanding of how effectively the middleware is performing, users can very quickly detect early warning signs of evolving operational conditions that could result in increased latency. By exposing potential load balancing issues and capacity challenges, middleware monitoring can reveal valuable insight that helps firms proactively respond to developing situations and minimise the potential impact on trade execution and matching speeds. Through this relationship TipOff is able to provide non-invasive monitoring of all Solace’s middleware stack layers, with access to all required specifications and necessary support.

Solace provides a fast payload-agnostic messaging middleware solution that can transport data using a vast array of protocols such as FIX and Google Protocol Buffers. Six of the top ten investment banks use Solace’s messaging middleware platform to distribute market data and other information within their global trading systems.

TipOff’s extensive library of powerful decoders means it can decode whatever protocols Solace is encapsulating, and the Solace protocols themselves, fast enough to capture data from high volume, real-time trading environments. That data, which can be captured at multiple points within a trading system, can be analysed with access to hop-by-hop and end-to-end performance metrics and alerts raised highlighting trading abnormalities. Users can then examine performance issues down to the individual packet and nanosecond level to identify and eliminate a problem’s root cause.

Commenting on this development Paul Spencer, COO, Velocimetrics stated:

“We are pleased to be able to continue the relationship TipOff and Solace Systems have developed over recent years. Solace Systems have established a strong presence within the financial services sector and our joint teams have built-up a wealth of knowledge and experience, which means that clients are able to very quickly gain a highly precise understanding of their middleware performance.”

Solace Systems CTO Shawn McAllister said:

“Our platform allows companies to continuously collect highly granular real-time statistics about the behaviour of their messaging environment without sacrificing the low, predictable latency our financial services customers depend on. By letting customers easily analyze all of that real-time data as conditions change, Velocimetrics’ TipOff helps companies keep data flowing fast even in the face of bursty traffic, market volatility and slow consumers.”


About Solace Systems

Solace enables application-aware networks with its message routers that improve the way information moves between distributed applications. High-speed, reliable information sharing is an essential part of virtually all modern IT initiatives from accelerating legacy business processes to enabling big data, cloud computing and the Internet of Things. Solace message routers unify many kinds of data movement so companies can efficiently and cost-effectively move all of the information associated with better serving customers and making smarter decisions. Solace is a leading provider of application-aware networking equipment, with a rapidly growing customer base that spans all major industries.

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